EN 50128:2011

You implement safety-related software for embedded systems in the railway sector.

You are responsible for standard-compliant software implementation. You want to focus on your actual project work. You need access to precisely those aspects of the standard that are relevant within the development process.

What OntoTec offers to help you

  • Systematic analysis and interpretation of the standard
  • Specific preparation and presentation within the corporate context
  • Interactive implementation within your IT infrastructure

What you gain

  • Certainty
  • Quality
  • Satisfaction

prEN 50126-n

Where are we heading?

You have a clear view of the developments of the coming years. You want to know what to expect in terms of project work. You want to act and broaden your scope of action. Your aim is to prepare necessary changes with pinpoint accuracy.

What OntoTec offers to help you

  • Systematic analysis of the changes to the standard
  • Specific analysis and definition of alternative courses of action
  • Focussed preparation of change implementation measures

What you gain

  • A head start over competitors
  • Clearer perspectives
  • Decision-making power